Re: South Central Regional Airport Authority Meeting, 6pm, Daily Auditorium

This meeting showed a lack of respect for the citizens of Mahaska County when 15 local policemen were sent to stand two by two at the exits ringing the interior of Daily Auditorium and three at the entrance to Daily Auditorium for what was quoted as “possible civil disobedience” by citizens who came to the meeting to speak about the airport. Since when do we treat citizens of our country with such a show of contempt and mistrust? This is the United States not a third world country where “might” is used to intimidate citizens and make them feel second class. Who is in control here? Isn’t this a country of government “by the people and for the people”? Do you realize some of these citizens are veterans of the military? Is this how we treat people who have served our country?

In Pella and Oskaloosa the city councils and SCRAA officials sit in their meetings and allow the public to speak for 3 minutes per individual. The citizens are not allowed to ask questions and are met with silent stares and unresponsive expressionless faces. Our government officials rarely make eye contact with the citizens who are speaking. This is passive/aggressive behavior and speaks volumes about the members of the city councils and the SCRAA committee. It shows a lack of respect for the citizens they represent as political servants of our county and towns. This behavior relates to mob mentality where you go along with the ”group” in supposed anonymity in order to not take responsibility for your actions. Evident by the officials hiding behind the “skirt” of the legalized 28E governmental agreement that lets the officials wash their hands of any guilty conscience for allowing legalized confiscation of land from farmers who have no voice in the matter. Our forefathers fought against the tyranny of government and this is a classic example of government without representation. Shameful!

Sallie DeReus

1598 Hwy 163